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HDS Marriage Counseling

At HDS, we believe the covenant is worth it. 

Our practice is a bit different than the traditional counseling format.

We incorporate extensive coaching techniques as well as counseling expertise. We utilize our assessment tool, experience, education and unique interpersonal skills to help, heal and transform your marriage into the Christ-centered and joyful expression of love and respect it is designed to be.

Whether you are seeking Pre-Marital Counseling, or have been married for years, our goal is to get you the tools you need to have a thriving marriage and move. you. forward.

In-depth analysis, keen insight, gifted coaching and gentle counseling.


That's HDS.

Dawn Swayne

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  • Duke University Graduate

  • Certified Christian Life Coach

  • Certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator

  • Owner & Founder of MamaStrong, LLC

  • Mentor & Coach to Moms

  • Family Management Expert

  • Mother of 5

HDS Counseling

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  • Biblically-based Counseling Model

  • Powered by Prepare/Enrich Marriage Resource

  • Married over 20 years

  • 10 years experience helping couples

Harry Swayne

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  • Rutgers University Graduate

  • Masters in Marriage & Family Counseling

  • Certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator

  • NFL Legend-15 Year Vet

  • 3x Super Bowl Champion

  • Founder & Owner of Swayne Consulting, LLC

  • Father of 5



Due to high demand, our Discovery Calls are $9.99. During the Discovery Call you can get more information about what we offer and get a feel for our practice.

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Our Practice is Powered by Prepare/Enrich

Prepare/Enrich is a powerful assessment which helps to inform and populate our sessions. This tool covers everything and can be customized to suit your needs. You will be amazed at what it reveals. Additionally, it allows all of us to operate from a baseline and standard while giving us an idea of where we are headed.


Every relationship will have bumps along the way.  Don't let the bumps become hazards.

Short Snapshot

Covers the core relationship topics known to enhance relationships, along with insights on the individuals' one-of-a-kind personality and family of origin.  The assessment results provide a holistic view of the couple and a give you a secure place to start in your counseling.

Simple Process

We know our couples relish in the opportunity to dive into their results.  A single, sharable, in-depth report makes it easy for you to highlight various areas of their needs together.  Exceptional exercises that correspond to their desired goals will help you breed meaningful conversation.

Scientifically Sound

Provides couples with authentic understandings that make a difference in how they talk about their relationship.  You'll be able to see and hear the difference in their lives after you take them through our assessment.  Couples will feel it too and tell you just how accurate our assessment is!

Life is a journey.  When your partner accompanies you in that voyage it adds a beautiful complexity.  Check up on your relationship excursion to avoid pitfalls.

Getting Started is as Easy as 1-2-3







This is Us.

We have worked hard to build a marriage that will bless the generation after us.

Let us help you do the same.

Lover's Embrace


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